Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sinking in

Being abroad during this election has been an eye opening experience. From the election party last night to the spontaneous hugs of congratulations I received from my Norwegian friends and colleagues today, I am faced with the plain truth that what America did yesterday was momentous. Obama, like no other candidate could, showed the world that the dark years of Bush's America are finally coming to a close. That Americans decided to choose hope over fear and change over the status quo did more to improve our standing in the world than anything we've done since perhaps WWII. The joy of Norwegians today was palpable. The headline on the cover of one of Norway's major papers read "The New America."

I think that Americans, not just Democrats, have a lot to be proud of with this decision. It's something that really can't be overstated. I think we really are looking at a new America today.