Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dept of Not Holding my Breath

It would be great if the US press picked up on this story. But as the title to this post indicates, I am not holding out for that. Anywho, the Independent has some interesting nuggets from before the Iraq war and what was really going on.

1. The President didn't seem too concerned with WMD attacks on our soldiers (I wonder why?)
...The troops were well within range of any weapons of mass destruction, military analysts have pointed out.

US administration officials had already prepared public opinion for war by raising fears of Saddam Hussein's nuclear programme and his ability to create "mushroom clouds." But the transcript reveals the two leaders were more concerned about getting a fig leaf of international approval for the war, than any imminent threat from Saddam.

2. The President had no idea how much the war would cost
Mr Bush does admit that averting war would be "the best solution for us" and "would also save us $50bn," greatly underestimating the cost to the US treasury of nearly five years of warfare. But he also talks of how he planned to exact revenge on countries, that did not back the US in its drive to war.
3. Oh yeah- there was also this- as the title indicates
Saddam 'ready to walk away for $1bn'

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