Friday, August 03, 2007

Olympics of Free Speech?

China continues to repress anyone supporting respect for Tibetian culture. A la Orwell, they clamp down on dissidents and muzzle anything determined even slightly anti-government. Here's the latest, covered by the Associated Press:

Police and army reinforcements were sent to the town of Lithang in western Sichuan province following the incident Wednesday at an annual horse festival that attracts thousands, according to the overseas monitoring group International Campaign for Tibet and the U.S. government-supported Radio Free Asia. The reports said a local man, Runggye Adak, was detained after he climbed onto a stage erected for Chinese officials, grabbed a microphone and asked the crowd if they wanted the Dalai Lama to return. Hundreds responded with a roaring yes, the reports said. A crowd later gathered a detention center to appeal for Runggye Adak's release, but officers fired warning shots to disperse the group, it said. RFA said about 200 Tibetans were detained following the protest, but gave no indication of whether they were still in custody.

This is the country where the Olympics are going to be held? Write a letter to IOC president here to tell him what you think of the Chinese actions in Tibet. Past Tibet posts can be found here, and more information about this issue here.

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