Thursday, July 17, 2008

Insurance Fun

My wife spent a significant amount of time on the phone today with our insurance company in order to resolve a charge that they put on our bill back when the little one was born. The insurance company is about to submit our bill to a collection agency because we refuse to pay it.

What is at issue? At our 40 week prenatal visit with our midwife (on April 21st), she scheduled an ultrasound and fetal stress test- IF we did not have the baby by the 27th. Amelia had other ideas and arrived on the 24th. The insurance company has insisted that we actually attended our appointment on the 27th for these procedures.

Now, to be clear- I am not a doctor. I have not studied medicine, nor have I even stepped foot in a medical school- so I advise you to take my words at face value. But I am pretty goddamn sure that the ultrasound and the FETAL stress test would have been considered moot three days after our daughter was born.


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