Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The problem with blogging

I posted about my support for Representative Rangel's desire to debate reinstating the draft the other day, and as usual someone came up with a much more eloquent way to discuss the same issue. CURSE YOU INTERNET!!!!

Anywho, I found this piece by Lawrence O'Donnell at the HuffPost and he does a great job of making the point. In addition, this story about he and Kissinger just about sums it up:
In my one conversation with Kissinger, which occurred on TV, I asked him if he knew anyone who got killed in Vietnam. He was completely thrown. He doesn't go on TV to be asked such small-minded questions, he goes on TV to pontificate and TV interviewers are happy to let him do it. Kissinger sputtered and ran away from the question, leaving the distinct impression that he did not know anyone who was killed in the war he managed. His memoir of the period does not mention a single casualty. If you have ever stood at the Vietnam Memorial and run your hand over the name of a relative on the wall, as my mother and I did last month, you can get as angry as Charlie Rangel does about people like Kissinger deciding how long our soldiers should be exposed to enemy fire in a war we know we can't win.
We need to know why they don't send themselves or their families off to war.

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