Sunday, November 05, 2006

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If you don't have good ideas, then try your best to piss people off. Instead of trying to wow the voters with positive rhetoric, the Republicans have resorted to some nasty tricks. They are using robo-calls to continually harass undecided voters under the assumption that the Democratic party is making these calls. Here is an example of how they work:

Apparently the call starts with something along the lines of "Diane Farrell has some information for you," then pauses, waiting for annoyed people to hang up, and then delivers a negative message about Farrell. The canvassers say the call has hit some people as much as 6 times, and at 5 - 6am as well. Presumably, the intent is to annoy people and stick Farrell with the negative name ID as somebody who keeps robo-calling them.
Also from the post:

What we're seeing is an apparent coordinated effort from the NRCC -- the House GOP committee -- to place calls that appear to be from the local Democratic candidate and then automatically call the same number back as many as seven or eight times each time the caller hang-ups. If the caller listens to the whole message it goes on to bash the Democratic candidate. But if the caller hangs up prematurely, the computer calls right back. Hang-ups are the achilles heal of robo-calls. So this seems to be an attempt to cover for that weakness by making those who hang up think the Democratic candidate is basically harassing them with phone calls. The GOP wins either way.

The Republicans are doing this all over the country, all in races that are too close to call. It makes you wonder how far they will go to destroy all that we hold dear. It is beyond trying to win elections, it is about subverting the democratic process. Our only hope in stopping this kind of trash is to make sure the press hears about it and gets the word out.


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