Friday, November 17, 2006

Staying on message

I wonder what it will take for the media to divorce themselves from the storylines they have adopted so eagerly. From what I can gather they are working from the following script:
  1. Nancy Pelosi is already ruined as Speaker, because there was a contested election for Majority Leader in which her favored candidate lost (although she won the election for speaker unanimously).
  2. The Democrats are operating with little to no popular support (although they won big in the last election).
  3. The future of the Democratic party is with the conservative wing (although the newest poster boy for the conservative narrative says things that would have made Eugene Debs blush)
  4. The President is still teh cool (although recent polls have him at all-time lows)
Normally, empirical evidence would provide an impetus to change minds. Unfortunately, it seems that the press will just be using the same script they have been using for the last 14 years.

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