Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Coming Narrative

From my local alt. weekly the City Paper, there is an insightful piece on how our failure in Iraq will be portrayed in the future. Essentially, those who opposed the war will become the villains and we'll be blamed for the catastrophe over there:
Whenever American troops start coming home — and for political reasons many will almost certainly start coming back before the 2008 elections — you should get ready to place the blame for losing the Iraq war anywhere but on the fools who started it. And the obvious villain in the Iraq catastrophe is you.

Yes you, you weak-kneed, terrorist-loving, America-hating dilettante.

America's loss in this war is your fault, because you took to the streets and marched against it before it even began, and correctly pointed out that the evidence about weapons of mass destruction was flimsy, and the connection to al-Qaida entirely concocted. We started off with one hand tied behind our backs because you wanted to go to the U.N. and win "legitimacy" for our righteous and groundless invasion...

Make no mistake, when all is said and done, none of the idiots that dragged us into Iraq will be held responsible. In a spellbinding display of mangled logic, the accepted wisdom will be that we lost the war because we did not successfully employ the Tinkerbell strategy.

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Pork Rinds said...

And Reagan was the best president in the history of the universe. The Gipper kicks ASS!!!!