Monday, June 25, 2007

PBS Misses the Message

I think it is pretty clear that Americans are not enamored with either the Republican party or with conservativism, in general. The president is less popular than herpes and conservatives are quickly abandoning previous policy positions to maintain electability. PBS, however, apparently still believes that what the American public (especially PBS viewers) really wants is more Republican talking points with their political analysis as they have hired Frank Luntz to provide post debate analysis for the upcoming Democratic candidate forum.

I don't get this move, was Tom Delay or Sean Hannity not available? Luntz is great to have around if you want to put a positive spin on global warming or find an appealing word for torture, but he is the last person I want to hear from when it comes to analyzing progressive policies. PBS thinks he is the right guy to turn to and will put asses in the seats. Yet, on PBS's own schedule their biggest draw is Bill Moyers, why not have him provide some insights? He is someone that PBS viewers respect and will draw viewers. Unfortunately, however, the new media paradigm is that if a show is supposed to be political it has to have the token birdbrained conservative. Ugh.

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