Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The glory of the free market

Over at the Time Magazine blog, former Rep. Dick Armey has a lengthy post about the hazards of universal health care. This is one of the stupidest points in his argument:

Look at the healthy components of our health care system. What they have in common is a large measure of independence from government subsidies and price regulation. For example, eye surgery centers, fertility specialists and cosmetic dental surgery. Costs have fallen dramatically, innovation abounds and safety improves.

I am not sure if he realizes this but each of the medical procedures he brings up would be considered ELECTIVE. Those who wish to receive this type of care are, typically, volunteering to undergo the procedure. They have the luxury of shopping around to find the best price, and if they don't find a price that suits them, can opt out of the procedure with no serious consequences.

I suppose our health care system would work better if everyone could afford to sit around and find the best deal. Unfortunately, someone sick with pneumonia or suffering from cancer cannot weigh their options carefully. The type of care they need is immediate and will only worsen if they decide to shop around.

BTW, this man has a Ph.D. in economics. Oy.


Pork Rinds said...

Additionally, elective procedures such as these wouldn't be covered by universal care anyway. So even under the brutal egalitarianism of socialized medicine, he could still get his eye lifts and veneers and rock-bottom prices.

Broca said...

he should throw in a boob job as well.

You should really check out some of his other entries on the blog, and remember that he is considered a thinking man's conservative.