Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're out of irony, but we have plenty of crazy today

Ok, I am trying to figure out just what a conservative pundit would have to say or do in order for them to vanish from our television screens. Ann "Adams Apple" Coulter calls for the murder of reporters from the NY Times and calls the 9/11 widows "grief pimps" yet is still a fixture on the Today show. Pat Robertson calls for the bombing of the US State Department and is still a major player . So where is the line?

I mean outside of the obvious (the Fox News rule), if any conservative pundit were to either criticize the President or the network's fairness he/she would be banned for good and their first born child would be sold into slavery.

I think we really need an over/under on the crazy and I propose that if any conservative commentator were to say the following they would not be asked back:

To ensure that my thinking is sharp, every morning I bathe in the blood of freshly squeezed kittens that I steal from orphanages.

Any takers on that?

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