Thursday, August 24, 2006

We've got work to do

Forbes just did a rundown of the U.S.'s drunkest city. Sadly, Philly ranked 9th. Looks like we got some work to do. Interestingly, Boston was 4th and I think I know why it did so well.

What is intesting about Philly are the laws regarding alchohol and I am still trying to understand them. But here is what I've got so far:
  • You can only get six-packs of beer from restaurants or bars, you cannot by it at a store and it is extremely expensive ($9 for mediocre beer).
  • If you want more than a six-pack you can only get a case of beer and you can only get that at a beer distributor. These distributors function on normal business hours (open until 6 to 7). However, beer is a steal here; you can get a case of Sierra Nevada for $20, which is not a bad price.
  • Hard alcohol and wine can only be bought at Spirit and Wine shops (where beers is strictly verbotten).


El Dirty Uno said...

So they don't have plain ol' packies in Filthadelphia?

BTW, I do not have a drinking problem. It's sobriety that I have a problem with.

Broca said...

No, there are no packies, it is strange. Not as strange as Connecticut, but strange.