Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a Moronic Presidential Press Conference!

This, after all, is the president who invaded Iraq without the slightest understanding of the country's ethnic composition or of the volcanic tensions that toppling its dictator might unleash. Complexity has no place in his schemes. Choices are never cloudy. The world is divided into the forces of terror and the forces of freedom: The one's defeat means the other's victory."


Mr. Joshua said...

Ma-er-Broca, it's really this simple:

"Either you support the war in Iraq or you hate America." You decide.

Broca said...

Is there an update list of things that I must support or else I hate America? Without a television it is hard to know what I am supposed to think/feel/believe. Is it still okay to hate French Toast? Or does enjoying a short stack mean I hate the US?