Sunday, September 17, 2006

A night at the theater, Mars and other things

We saw a really interesting show last night as part of the Philly Fringe Festival. It was an adaptation of David Rees' great comic strip Get Your War On. If you get the opportunity to see it, I would highly recommend it. While not exactly a play, the show catalogs all the failures of the Bush administration over the last 6 years by using a system of overhead projectors, musical interludes and profanity laced tirades.

One of the themes that was continually covered in the show, was something that has completely escaped my memory. Does anyone else remember that this President suggested we spend a lot of money and go to Mars? Of all the mixed up crap that this President has done/proposed, I think this 'plan' best typifies the absolute vacuousness of the last 6 years.

In other news...what the hell is wrong with David Broder? In an online chat, he intimates that President Clinton should have resigned because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal BUT President Bush (or any other administration figure) shouldn't because of the overhyped invasion of Iraq. So, according to the Dean of Washington Pundits. Lying about some semen on a blue dress? A crime against the constitution. Lying to the American people about a military threat? Eh, not so bad. SHEESH

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