Monday, September 11, 2006

Trying to Remember

I was wondering what I was going to say today and I kept coming to post and decided against it. I guess I really just want to remember what this day means. I have no trouble remembering just what exactly transpired that day 5 years ago (I remember seeing the buildings smoke, calling my family, wondering what was coming next) but as far as what it means I am beyond confused.

I have spent most of my day angry. I am angry becuase when I watch the coverage or read about it, all I encounter is the President. For whatever godforsaken reason, he has taken today to remind us he is President and that the War in Iraq is worth it. I am angry because he has taken a day that is ours and made it his. It is supposed to be a day of solemn rememberance, instead we get a campaign. I thought the memories of those that died were sacred, apparently I was wrong.

I shouldn't be surprised. On the one year anniversary of the attacks I broke down and cried. The reason was that the President was using the memories of those that died as a justification for a war in Iraq. This administration has done more to abuse the memory of so many innocent people, that I wonder just how much farther they can go.

UPDATE: after writing this I saw another one of Keith Olbermann's commentaries, he perfectly captures what I am thinking. Please watch.

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