Monday, December 11, 2006

I loved reading this

From the New York Times, here is an article on how Craigslist is refusing to turn its operation into a cash cow. The article has special relevance to me as I am just finishing up a course on Advertising and Society, and this article really highlights just why the ad industry is terrified of the internet. I had proposed in class that the biggest problem facing the businesses world, is that places are popping up all of the time for folks that want to avoid commercialism. Unfortunately, for the business world, these people are the ones that are most likely to innovate and create (and represent a target demo for the ad industry).

On a related note, I predict that in one year YouTube will be the ifilm of today. The switch to advertising on the sight and increasing commercial oversight will move traffic elsewhere.

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caralyn said...

I loved reading this, too. Almost as much as I love reading the missed connections. Allllllmost.