Monday, December 18, 2006

Troop Surge

Let me get this straight, the grand plan for Iraq now is to add more troops? How did this plan even pass the laugh test? Why do we continue to listen to folks that were 100% wrong about this whole endeavor?

Take the latest news from Iraq, which states that violence in the country is at its highest point since Iraq regained sovereignty:
Attacks on U.S. and Iraqi troops and Iraqi civilians jumped sharply in recent months to the highest level since Iraq regained its sovereignty in June 2004, the Pentagon told Congress on Monday in the latest indication of that country’s spiraling violence.

In a report issued the same day Robert Gates took over as defense secretary, the Pentagon said that from mid-August to mid-November, the weekly average number of attacks increased 22 percent from the previous three months.

Every step Bush has taken has been the wrong one. I think we would have a lot more success if instead of following him, we asked him what he thinks the right move would be and then do the exact opposite.

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