Saturday, December 09, 2006

Washington vs. the rest of us

Digby has a great post about the utter insanity at work within the Washington establishment. I strongly recommend reading the whole thing, but if you are not so inclined I will boil it down for you.

Bill Clinton was a horrible man because he lied about Monica Lewinsky, the Washington Elite could not believe that the President would bring such dishonor to their quaint little village on the Potomac. Nevermind the fact that President Clinton was doing a remarkable job running our country, his transgressions against the Establishment (which weren't transgressions at all) were enough. He made the sleepy little town of DC look unseemly.

Contrast that to George W. Bush. He is a man of integrity who has maintained the right level of decorum in Washington, and really, who cares that his decisions as President have been atrocious. So what if he has the US bogged down in a war that we cannot win. So what if he let New Orleans die so that he could stay on vacation. So what if he has trashed the Constitution. The important thing is, he is being a good resident of DC.

The closest thing I can compare this sick little game to is a high school clique, for them, the clique comes first and everything else can be ignored.

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