Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Top 5 Albums of the Year

Unfortunately this was not a big year for me purchasing music. With changing cities, buying a house and starting a new academic program, I just couldn't find the time to pick up some new CDs. That having been said, I really really liked the following 5 albums (in no particular order).

Band of Horses (Everything All the Time)- this is a band out of Seattle, which is in heavy play at KEXP. Oddly enough, I don't own this album but I have heard enough of it to realize what a great album it is.

Neko Case (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood)- an absolutely beautiful album. It has come to the point where she could pull a Yoko Ono and scream for 45 minutes and I would love it.

The Silver Jews (Tanglewood Numbers)- I would bet my right kidney that you can't find a better lyricist then David Berman.

Built to Spill (You in Reverse)- this was a wonderful album. I know this because my wife stole it and has kept it in her car for months.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins (Rabbit Fur Coat)- similar to Neko Case, but different enough to make this an excellent album. She is Loretta Lynn and Neko Case is Patsy Cline. That is a good thing.

Songs that I wish I wrote or was allowed to sing on (links go to YouTube videos):
The Hold Steady- Chips Ahoy
Loose Fur- Hey Chicken
The Decemberists- Oh Valencia


dirty said...

If you don't have that Hold Steady record, pick it up. Or, I could always burn you a copy.

It's probably my fave of the year.

Broca said...

I am not talking to you any longer. You have shut your live journal off to me.

Not cool

caralyn said...

Ah, Neko. Mmmhhhhhmmmm.

dirty said...

Frenchie, I unlocked a bunch of posts. I'll be posting both public and Friends Only from now on. I just have to be careful where I've been applying for jobs, etc.