Monday, February 05, 2007

How Many More Will Die for a Lie?

NPR has amassed a graphic depiction of the Iraq War deaths here. Called The Toll of War, it details both US and Iraqi deaths. Interestingly, it also compares other Iraqi death estimates to the Bush Administration. Good thing Bush Inc. has so much credibility, 30k sounds so much better than 650k! Who ever heard of this Johns Hopkins University anyway, what is that some sort of internet-based diploma mill?


Pork Rinds said...

30k or 250k is still ridiculous amounts of k if you ask me. Bush signed the death warrant of how many people during his time as governor because they had the immorality to kill a person or two? Now he, and his administration, have taken the morally repugnant position that there's no way it could be 250k. More like 30k, tops! Oh, gee, in that case, I stand corrected. Y'all are only murderers 30,000 times over the aforementioned fellas from Bush's stint as gov.

Broca said...

But don't you see? The Iraqi people are free?

Why don't you smelly hippies get that?