Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Mythology

Washington's Dean of Journalists files a report from the DNC meeting:
One of the losers in the weekend oratorical marathon was retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who repeatedly invoked the West Point motto of "Duty, Honor, Country," forgetting that few in this particular audience have much experience with, or sympathy for, the military.

As Oliver Willis points out, in what world is this true? Which is the party that supports veterans? While the Republicans have done everything they can to cut VA programs, the Democrats have worked hard to protect them. While Republicans have tried to provide our soldiers with sub-standard equipment, the Democrats have stood up for increased accountability.

David Broder is supposed to be the ideal Washington reporter, but how is he ideal? Ideally lazy? Ideally intellectually dishonest?

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Pork Rinds said...

As an uber-liberal I often find myself forgetting just how much I hate the military. Thankfully people like Mr. Broder are always willing to remind me of my seething disdain for all the unappreciated people who choose the most difficult and thankless path to educational stipend and "job training" that this country can manage to devise.