Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Liebys: Profiles in Courage

Named in honor of Joe Lieberman, the Liebys are this nations greatest honor for political courage. The latest Lieby goes to Christopher Shays (R-CT). Before the last election he was fully behind a withdrawal in Iraq. After he won the election? are his words:

The Democratic majority in the House has adopted a resolution condemning this strategy, expressing disapproval without offering any alternatives. Ironically, they offer a stay-the-course resolution. The majority is clear on what it is against, but does not say wait is for, leaving us with what exists right now, the status quo. The resolution sends the wrong message to the President, to our troops and to our enemies. It will not get my vote. …

It is counterproductive for 535 members of the House of Representatives and Senate to micromanage the war. …

The only way we should leave Iraq is the same way we went in, together.
You see, he is courageous because he had the cajones to say this after he was safely in office. Had he said it before, when he might have been held accountable for his stupidity, he could have been voted out of office. Thus, he has lived up to the politically courageous legacy of Joe Lieberman.

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