Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flurry of Impeachment Posts continued

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Broca said...

First off, that guy kinda weirds me out.

Second, in the piece he reads, (with all of the impeachable offenses that have been committed) not one of those, except for the subpoena thing from today, is even remotely provable. Like lots of people, I believe the President overstated the WMD argument but, how exactly do you prove it?

Third, why on God's green Earth would anyone use a goddamn online poll for support of a position? If you spend anytime on blogs, you will often see bloggers pointing you to online polls in the hopes that people flood it. In the future, guy-who-weirds-me-out, if you want to make a strong argument, keep to the real polls.

I know this video is meant to rile up support, but in the end, all I could do was laugh and get mad. There is so much out there that we could be working towards, I don't understand why we should listen to such intellectually unserious crap. I want these guys out of office too, please give me something that will get the job done.