Monday, July 02, 2007

Misunderstood Genius?

The Washington Post has an article today dissecting the psyche of the President. It is an extremely odd read and ultimately maddening, as the author did his best to assume that Bush thinks like a rational person.

There is so much in the article that I don't dare try to analyze it all here (although you can check out some thoughtful analysis here, here, here). I strongly recommend reading it. But if you want the short version of the article, I can offer it in the form of something I tell my brother:
I am not conceited, it is just that other people are too damn stupid to realize that I am awesome.


Pork Rinds said...

"The polls reflect the events of Bush's second term, an unyielding sequence of bad news." Give me a fucking break!!!! Bush is a victim of circumstance!? Puuuuuuuuuuuhlease!

Broca said...

I think that particular aspect of the article clearly demonstrates how out of touch the press is. As they run through the 'bad news', you can see that most of these are all Bush's doing.