Monday, July 02, 2007


Josh Marshall posts an email from an American visiting overseas. The e-mailer comments on the difference in press coverage from CNN and BBC. CNN is treating the terrorists attacks as proof that the end is near, while the BBC is keeping their wits about them:
I am in the last day of business meetings in Bangkok, and have been watching the media response with great interest. My hotel TV offers both CNN and BBC news coverage, and the difference between them is remarkable. When the Glasgow attack became known, CNN offered non-stop coverage which preempted all normal programming. The attackers were defined in no uncertain terms as Al-Quaeda members, despite any conclusive evidence of same.

In stark contrast, BBC offered quite detailed coverage of the attack, but continued with normal programming covering weather, sports, international affairs, etc. BBC was quite careful not to ascribe any specific Al-Quaeda membership, and seemed to be more comfortable describing the attackers as "influenced by other Al-Quaeda types". CNN created the image of a major world crisis, while BBC presented an isolated but obviously troubling event.

What is the coverage like in Norway, Pork Rinds?

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Pork Rinds said...

Well Broca, the mood in Oslo seems to be a general feeling of - Wait, what are we talking about?! Did something happen in Glasgow? You mean Scotland, right? This is embarassing...

Uh, okay, after reading the English version of Aftenposten I can clearly say that Glasgow apparently doesn't exist. However, after looking at the Norwegian version of Aftenposten I can clearly see that Norwegians are very well aware of both the existence of Scotland and Australia.

After reading the BBC's website I can clearly say that the measured approach to this attack is going to go nowhere but a place of peaceful resolution. The Brit's clearly need to step it up a bit if they want to match the quagmirosity that Bush, et al. seem so damned adept at.

In conclusion, I think that the attitude in Norway is one of measured emotional outpouring and sympathy for the tragedy, but I am assured by people in the know that on the inside the Norwegians are panicking and getting ready to lash out at the slightest provocation.

Senior Norway Correspondent Pork Rinds signing off. Back to you Broca.

(I need to get a TV)