Friday, July 13, 2007

Mandatory Viewing

Just finished watching Bill Moyers Journal [PBS],which was Tough Talk on Impeachment. Moyers brought together progressive John Nichols [editor of The Nation] and Constitutional law expert and Reagan official Bruce Fein. Highlights included:
  1. There is ample evidence already provided that would be grounds to open impeachment hearings on both Bush and Cheney
  2. Both the enemic Congress and the lax press bear responsibility for not moving swiftly to overdue impeachment hearings
  3. The very Constitution hangs in the balance
  4. Not holding Bush/Cheney to account would allow the next president, whether Democratic or Republican, unprecedented power to trample the civil rights of all Americans.
  5. Pelosi squandered her Constitutional duty by taking Impeachment "off the table"
  6. Impeachment is bigger than partisan battles, and calls for true statesmanship, not political calculations.
I'll post the video as soon as it becomes available.

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