Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Anarchists" as Right Wing Tools

Just so that we are clear here- these are the folks that I am referring to:


Disco said...

Wonderful, and thanks for the invitation. What are you making for dinner?

Seriously though, do you really think that anarchists are colluding with right-wingers? I guess I could maybe see that they were excited to bring about the destruction of government through war, but I've never read anything to suggest that. Have you?

Disco said...

Broca, I find it entertaining that two of the three pictures you used are from right wing pages, including David Horowitz [a la "The Left's War Against Academic Freedom] and an Anti-Immigration page [it even has a link where you can "report illegals", how fun!].

Ok, so your original premise is that anarchists are pawns for the right wing, and you use right-wing website photos, which I presume are anti-anarchist, to prove your point? Who's using images to distort the anarchists as a whole?

Broca said...

Okay, I have to admit some confusion here:

1.) The cat thing
2.) The dinner thing
3.) That my non-controversial point is being construed as controversial. The 'Anarchists' that I am referring to serve no other logical purpose than as natural sources of propaganda for the Right (whether intended or unintended). Their rather consistent track record of counter-productive violent behavior has been documented by such right-wing noise machines as Democracy Now and The Nation.

I want to be clear, I am not talking about the anarchists which work to feed the poor or any of the ideological socialist-anarchists (and I apologize for any confusion I had caused). On a wide range of issues, I am in partial agreement with them.

Disco said...

Cool, do you have the links to the features on Democracy Now and The Nation that you are referring to?

Broca said...

Yes. For the Nation at least...

Go into the Nation archive (which may require library access) and read through their coverage on Seattle and Genoa.

On Democracy Now (I don't have the exact date), I was listening at some point during the coverage of the Democratic (or maybe Republican) Convention of 2004.

I can also point you in the direction of a story that made national news in Eugene (RGuard March 2003) . At one of the anti-war rallies, in which I attended, the 'Anarchists' made a prominent display of burning an American flag, with news crews standing by. What practical utility did this have? Especially at a time when those against the war were being painted as traitors?

yeddie said...

Are you a right wing -tool because it sounds like your attempt to show the anarchists as right wing tools is a way to discredit the among their allies, one of the finest examples of counterpro propaghanda during the sixties. ahh counterpro intelligence, get cops to look like dissenters, join their ranks and then discredit them from the inside, one of the best moves, was to create internal conflict, so that groups would crumble in on themselves. I mean who's to say your not a cop in disguise, your technique proves credible enough to be one.

Anonymous said...

we anarchists dont want to cause war but this nation as we know it makes us cause war we arnt pawns for the right-wing we are our own individual person we beleave their should be no government the would should have no government with no government we have no crimes no war no cops no laws or any of that all of you guys thing were here to cause and creat war but were not we are trying to make the world a beter place to live you should do some research on we stand for and we stand against before you go of and try make us sound like bad people

BANA said...

I'm a National Anarchist and I take offense at your smear of calling "anarchists" right wing tools. Anarchist are Left Wing Tools. Neither Left Nor Right but Forward is my motto.

For revolution,
Bay Area National Anarchist