Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things are going swimmingly in Iraq...Really!

The constant refrain from the right wing regarding Iraq war coverage is that they don't show all the wonderful things that are going on in Iraq (e.g. all the schools that are being painted, the surprisingly low electricity costs, all the schools that are being painted). The same can be said, however, for all of the horrible things that are occurring.

According the Lara Logan (CBS's Chief Foreign Correspondent) her network is refusing to air a segment she reported on. The report she filed explored the extreme violence encountered TWO BLOCKS from the U.S. controlled Green Zone, yet the piece is only being shown on the CBS website (here).

This is a fairly clear example of how the Right has been able to get the frame that they want. If CBS were to run this piece on the evening news, the wingnuts would go nuts and scream about the media's liberal bias. By constantly complaining about the coverage, they have created a situation where the media has become afraid to report the truth. Instead of realizing that the facts are not in their favor, the madmen who support the current policy in Iraq will do everything they can to make sure the media keeps its head in the sand.

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