Thursday, January 18, 2007

President Bush < Vice President Cheney

I guess this kind of kills the whole "the American people really likes the President" crap:
A new poll has found that the American people dislike President Bush more than they dislike ... Dick Cheney. The poll — by Fox News, of all people — finds that President Bush's unfavorable rating is 58%, while Cheney's unpopularity rating is five points lower at 53%. Bush can, however, still take some small solace from the fact that his approval rating is one point higher than Cheney's; the President's is 38%, while the VP's is 37%.
Worse than Cheney? I thought only puppy killing demons with VD, bad breath and a horrible habit of one-upping in conversation could be disliked more than Dick Cheney.

p.s. I will buy a lobster dinner for the first political commentator who states that Bush being more disliked than Cheney is good news for the Bush Administration.

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