Saturday, January 06, 2007

MSNBC: Congress didn't change overnight? That is an outrage!

Lisa Myers of MSNBC is shocked that everything wasn't fixed TODAY:
Democrats say they were returned to power in part because of corruption and ethical lapses of the Republican Congress. They promised to clean up the swamp and crack down on lobbyists.

But hours after changing House rules to reduce favors from lobbyists, it was back to business as usual in Washington.

This shows what the Democrats are truly up against. The press expects that everything is going to happen immediately and when it doesn't? Well, that is evidence that the Democrats were acting disingenuously during the campaign. To members of the press, the fact that there are still some strange things that go on in Washington is clear evidence that the Dems don't want good government. If Ms. Myers wanted to do some actual reporting, she could review the well-detailed relationship between lobbyists and Republican lawmakers and see if the new laws are an improvement on that.

Furthermore, the Democrats need to hold fundraisers. That is not illegal; in fact, if the Democrats want to stay in power, they need to beat the Republicans. I don't wish to ruin the Pollyannish dreams of Ms. Myers, but unfortunately politicians need to raise money to win elections. Until we have complete campaign finance reform, politicians will need to raise vast sums of money.

My greatest fear, concerning the press, is that for the next 2 years we will constantly hear stories about how the Democrats didn't fix EVERYTHING. This article certainly suggests that this concern is valid. The Democrats will be held to an impossible standard; whereas with the Republican majority, there were very few questions about their effectiveness.

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