Thursday, January 04, 2007

Doing his part to keep the myth alive

Tom Curry, the national affairs writer for MSNBC, has this brilliant insight regarding the new Congress:
Michele Bachmann and David Loebsack are both newly elected members of the 110th Congress and both Midwesterners.

The congressional districts they represent are only a three-hour drive from each other. But Bachmann, a Minnesota Republican and Loebsack, an Iowa Democrat, come from political universes that are light-years apart.

He’s a liberal, a former professor of international relations who backed Howard Dean for president in 2004; he has never served in the state legislature or on a city council. She’s a conservative tax lawyer who served in the state Senate and led the crusade to outlaw same-sex marriage in her state.

Both elected on Nov. 7, Bachmann and Loebsack are proof that the electorate didn’t have one consistent message in every congressional district last year.
You see, not every Congressional district voted for change. One voted for a whackjob conservative; ipso facto, we are still a divided nation.

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