Friday, October 06, 2006

Ad nauseam

Wonderful photographer, Paul Fusco, has been working on his photojournalism project, A Bitter Fruit. Here, he documents what we are not "supposed to see," the tragedy as it comes home in coffins and broken families.

A War without casualties? A war where only the evil get hurt? As much as we would like to believe this, such an idea does not exist. War produces casualties and destroys lives. Since the beginning of the Iraqi war the government has consistently tried to divert media attention both visually and factually. An obvious example of that effort was closing Dover Air Force Base to the press so we cannot see rows of flag-draped coffins ready to be shipped to grieving families.

As increasing numbers of families grieve in the small towns of America, Paul Fusco shows us the bitter truth associated with the intolerable loss and pain from this war.

More here and here.

Why aren't we allowed to see our soldiers coming home, "President" Bush, Sec. Rumsfeld?

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