Monday, October 09, 2006

Very good news

Typically, it would be hard to get excited about this as it doesn't mention specific candidates. However, things are looking very good for the Dems in November. From the USA Today:

WASHINGTON — Four weeks before congressional elections, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows Democrats hold a 23-point lead over GOP candidates. That's double the lead Republicans had a month before they seized control of Congress in 1994.

President Bush's approval rating was 37%, down from 44% in a Sept. 15-17 poll. The approval rating for Congress was 24%, down 5 points from last month.

I am a bit more optimistic about this because with only a month to go, the Dems are going to start pulling money out of campaigns they can easily win (e.g. NY-Sen, PA-Gov, MN-Sen) and putting into races that are very close (e.g. MO-Sen, VA-Sen, TN-Sen) or leaning Republican (e.g. NV-Sen, AZ- Sen, MI-Gov). Republicans, on the other hand, will not be able to shift as many resources, as the Dems will now be more competitive in seats that were originally thought to be safe.

And, it seems, the Republicans share the same assessment. From the Washington Post, they are expecting to lose as many as 30 seats:
Republican campaign officials said yesterday that they expect to lose at least seven House seats and as many as 30 in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, as a result of sustained violence in Iraq and the page scandal involving former GOP representative Mark Foley.
Keep your fingers crossed...

Oh yeah...what the hell is this? From the same article:
At the same time, the White House plans to amplify national security issues, especially the threat of terrorism, after North Korea's reported nuclear test, in hopes of shifting the debate away from casualties and controversy during the final month of the campaign. These efforts are aimed largely at prodding disaffected conservatives to vote for GOP candidates despite their unease.
You have got to be kidding me, the President is fully responsible for the mess in Korea and he is going to use that as a reason to vote for Republicans and his agenda? Say what you want about the guy, he's got some big brass b...well, you get the picture.

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