Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Party like it's 2003!

I caught this on MSNBC today, as I am a huge Streisand fan. The headline kills me:

Streisand’s outburst spoils triumphant return

Singer shouts expletive at heckler during anti-Bush skit during NYC show

I don't think fans of Streisand were all that dissappointed or shocked to discover that she is not a fan of President Bush. First, only if you lived under a rock would you be surprised to know that Streisand is an outspoken Democrat. Second, it is 2006 and the President is about as popular as genital warts, this isn't another case of Dixie Chickitis circa 2003. I am sure the vast majority of people loved what she had to say.

The problem here is that there is a large contingency of the press that believes President Bush is popular. Contrary to any and all evidence, they think it is a mainstream belief to love this guy and it is probably the chief reason why his approval rating isn't lower (in the teens).

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