Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A comparison in political strategy

There is a good reason why the Republicans need to be removed from power in November, here is a small sample of the types of campaigns they are running:

  • In Massachusetts, they have accused Deval Patrick of being a criminal (which has been compared to the Lee Atwater inspired Willie Horton ad in 1988).
  • In North Carolina, they have accused the Democratic incumbent of supporting the idea of having teenage girls view pornography.
  • In Ohio, the Republican candidate for Governor has tried to insinuate that his opponent is linked to sexual predators.
Meanwhile, on the side of the Democrats, they have taken to calling for the Common Good, which has been a long time coming.

Please go vote on November 7th, we need to put the Repubs out of office.

1 comment:

Dirty said...

Unfortunately, Healey's attack strategy has worked. She's closed the gap considerably since the primaries.

Completely unrelated but equally as important: Who would win in a fight - Liza Minnelli or Barbara Streisand?